Great opportunities with the OctaFX

Low minimum deposit

OctaFX has got low minimum deposits with no commission charged for those interested in forex trading. For instance, with only $25, a forex investor can start making money through their platform. The platform also offers the lowest spreads in the industry making it an accessible platform to earners of all income levels.

Ability to use from any device

OctaFX has also developed a trading app to maximize its customer base thanks to the growing population of smartphone users. This has made their product offering more accessible to a wider market.

OctaFX platform is super easy for all to use.

The platform has got lots of training materials for both beginners and veterans. So if you are a beginner interested in forex trading, head to the OctaFX website and explore a world of possibilities.

What is OctaFX? 

Founded in February 2012, OctaFX is a renowned technology-based forex trading broker that offers the lowest spreads in the forex industry. Since its inception, the broker has established its presence in over 150 countries. It has more than 10m forex trading accounts on its website. The platform has got excellent customer support that has seen it develop a loyal base of forex traders across the world. In addition, OctaFX’s website has got user-friendly interface with informative training materials to guide customers on forex trading.

Start trading with OctaFX

Register an account

Open or create an account through their user-friendly platform. Once you open your account, you will get a registration email sharing all the details you need for your account. The details shared in the email include; your login details, trading account credentials, and all other necessary account info. 

Make a deposit

Log into your account and deposit $25. Please note, there is no commission charged for the deposit. 

Get the app

Once your deposit is ready, you could visit the web-based platform online or download the desktop and mobile versions of the OctaFX trading app. Signing through any of those platforms will enable you to trade from any device at any given time. Trade with confidence. Now, you are ready to begin trading via OctaFX.

Is OctaFX legal in Malaysia?

Yes. Probably you are wondering whether OctaFX is legit or a scam. As of 25th October 2022, according to Bank Negara Malaysia, BNM, OctaFX is listed on its Financial Consumer Alert List, (FCA List). The FCA list creates awareness among consumers regarding entities that are wrongly perceived as being approved or licensed by BNM, the Central Bank of Malaysia. But if global statistics and reviews on Trustpilot are anything to go by, then OctaFX is truly a trusted brand world over. 

How does OctaFX work?

Open an account on OctaFX, make a deposit, access the web-based platform, and start trading.

How to trade on OctaFX for beginners?

OctaFX Malaysia beginner traders can start by reading the easy-to-use learning materials on the website. These materials are designed to assist beginners to learn the basics of forex trading and begin their trading journey on the right path.

What is the minimum deposit for OctaFX?

OctaFX minimum deposit is $25 with no commissions.